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Planning for Senior Life’s extensive network of experienced, competent and empathetic health advisors, trainers, and licensed professionals enables us to connect older adults and their caregivers with the appropriate professional to provide seniors with knowledge, guidance and assistance concerning independent well-being, health & life insurances, as well as in-home care & support so that health related decisions can be made with confidence. 

Not sure where to start? We offer seminars and events to offer seniors the knowledge needed to make the best decisions for their situation.

These are some of our most popular topics:

Transitions in Dementia- Moving into Dementia Care
How to Mitigate the Risks For You and Loved Ones During a Hospital Stay
Learn about the 4 parts to Medicare and the key enrollment dates
Discovering Dementia - Basic Concepts of the 
4 main types of dementia
Talks related to design for: Aging in Place, and Those with Alzheimer's or Dementia

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